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What Does “The Art of Shedding” Mean?

The Art of Shedding is all about digging in and finding who you really are.

The internet will have you believing that your life transformation is a big, beautiful solitary moment when it all these shattered pieces together; the emergence of the butterfly from its cocoon, the burst of the phoenix out of ashes. I’m here to tell you that’s wrong, and wrong in the best way ever.

The Art of Shedding is the knowledge that transformation is continuous. Just like the snake, as you grow you will shed the skins of those who you were before. Transformation is embracing the chaos that comes with growth. The Art of Shedding is finding grace in the chaos, and then learning how to harness a balance between the two.

My hope for The Art of Shedding is that I can help others find their balance through the lessons my experiences brought me, and the experiences I’ve yet to have.

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